The following recipes were provided by Jeff Shearer, Nic Pestel, Matt Miller and Clint Nissen.  All recipes are for 6 gallon batches (6 gal wort, 5.5 gal into fermenter, 5 gal into keg) and 70% efficiency unless otherwise noted in the recipe.  Use malt percentages and efficiency to scale recipes to fit your system.  Hop additions may need adjusted slightly depending on the alpha acid level.  All recipes can be converted to partial mash by taking weight of base malt and multiplying by 0.75 for liquid malt extract or 0.6 for dry malt extract.  For example, for 10 lbs US 2 Row use 7.5 lbs liquid malt extract or 6 lbs dry malt extract.

Session Beers (< 5% abv)
Eagle Rock Solidarity (Black Mild)
Firestone Walker Mission Street Pale Ale
Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale
British Brown Ale
Session IPA
American Pale Ale   

21st Amendment Back in Black (Black IPA)
West Coast IPA
Mosaic IPA (Pounder IPA series)   

German Origins
Munich Helles

Vienna Lager
Dusseldorf Altbier  

Belgian / Sour Beers
Saison (Clint)   
Saison (Jeff)

Russian River Consecration (sour ale)   
Russian River Supplication (sour ale)

Dark Beers
Dry Irish Stout
American Stout  

Big Beers
American Barleywine   
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine

Russian Imperial Stout
Jack’s Abby Framinghammer Baltic Porter

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